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Using Technology to Enhance 3PL Last Mile Delivery

Delivery has come a long way from the milkman making his daily deliveries. With a daily route, locally sourced products, and small packaging size, his job seemed simple by comparison. Today almost any item can be delivered to the home and consumers will often make discretionary purchases based on their delivery experience from the retailer. Staying ahead of the competition means providing deliveries with speed, accuracy, and volume. That’s why we at LTi Logistics have invested in technologies to support our partners in the retail and manufacturing sectors so they can provide their clients with the best delivery experience possible.

Flexible Integration with Your Systems

You’ve invested heavily in your own technology solutions to sell products, track inventory, and communicate with customers. That means, when looking to a third party to provide logistics for last mile delivery, you need them to have the flexibility to integrate their data with yours. We at LTi have partnered with one of the world’s leading EDI software providers to ensure we can receive orders from your systems accurately and at scale. Electronic Data Interchange, abbreviated as EDI, represents a universally accepted protocol, facilitating seamless communication between diverse business systems and revenue streams, bridging your internal infrastructure with ours. By orchestrating the seamless exchange of data among these systems, EDI efficiently manages substantial order volumes, eradicates errors and delays, and optimizes communication across your supply and demand networks.

Once submitted to our systems, we handle your orders with one of the leaders in last mile delivery software. These routing and delivery management tools help us complete more stops per day, minimize failed deliveries, and delight your customers. These tools allow for direct and immediate feedback from our drivers, ensuring we can provide fast feedback to both you and your customers.

Since each retailer or manufacturer must develop their own systems to manage multiple vendors and support clients to meet the unique needs of their industry, we work hard to remain flexible in how we communicate information from our systems to yours. Some retailers require properly formatted files to be submitted so status updates can be tracked in their systems. Others want us to provide their clients directly with online portals to track their shipments in real time. LTi unshackles their internal data by utilizing the expertise of a team of custom software developers to provide bespoke solutions to each of our clients, providing real-time shipment updates in the style and format that you need.

Quality Assurance

All of the above generates a lot of data, and while every organization these days has data, it’s only helpful if it’s put to use to make process and performance better. That’s why we leverage Big Data to ensure quality and improve performance.

Power BI is an incredible business intelligence tool that allows organizations to interact with and visualize their data. LTi uses Power BI to track drivers’ scores and response rates. This way, we can drill-through indicators by city and driver and aggregate data by day, week, month, quarter, and year. Integration of this tool with our delivery software has allowed us to make informed decisions on driver performance and quality, ensuring we deliver only the best service to our clients.

Efficiency of Operation

Sometimes, the simplest solution is the best solution. LTi is not a monolithic conglomerate with unnecessary red-tape or impenetrable technology solutions. Each technology project is approached independently with a view to determining what option is the best with respect to capabilities, ease of use, and cost. At the end of the day, each of those three things affects you – our clients – so it’s our duty to make sure we make the right decision.

It’s about using the best tool for the job. When a simple need developed to standardize certain daily and weekly driver information, we weren’t so beholden to any one ERP platform that we were restricted from doing business the best way. Microsoft Excel was the best solution to the problem, so we reached out to our technology partners and they helped us prepare a solution that’s proved effective and flexible for years, despite the ever-changing data that underlies it.

The Future of Delivery Is Now

Advances in technology and changes in customer needs have transformed the way companies must approach last mile logistics. From the days of the friendly milkman to the complex world of modern e-commerce, the delivery experience has developed into a critical factor in customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. LTi Logistics recognizes the importance of staying ahead in this competitive landscape. Through the strategic integration of technologies, we are committed to enhancing the speed, accuracy, and volume of your deliveries. Our dedication to flexibility ensures that we can tailor our solutions to meet your unique requirements. Our ultimate goal is to provide you with the highest level of service, making sure that every delivery is a seamless, efficient, and on-time experience. With LTi Logistics as your partner, you can rest assured that your last mile deliveries are in capable hands and your customers will continue to enjoy the best delivery experience possible.

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